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Man Creates Mentally

On his own plane of being, how does Man create?

He may create by making something out of outside materials. But this will not do, for there are no materials outside of THE ALL with which it may create.

Second, Man pro-creates or reproduces his kind by the process of begetting, which is self multiplication accomplished by transferring a portion of his substance to his offspring. But this will not do, because THE ALL cannot transfer or subtract a portion of itself, nor can it reproduce or multiply itself - in the first place there would be a taking away, and in the second case a multiplication or addition to THE ALL, both thoughts being an absurdity.

Man Creates Mentally

Is there no third way in which man creates? Yes, there is - he CREATES MENTALLY! In doing so he uses no outside materials, nor does he reproduce himself, and yet his Spirit pervades the Mental Creation.

The universe, and all it contains, is a mental creation of the all.
— The Kybalion

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